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25 Years Specializing In EIFS & Stucco

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Who We Are

Panther Construction Inc. is a professional building envelope contractor with more than 20 years specializing in EIFS and stucco applications in the southeastern region. Our home office is located in Nashville, TN.

Panther is committed to both excellent service and customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality job performance while maintaining a high standard of safety and dependability for each of our clients.

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We are a family operated company that has spent 20 yrs. saving our clients time and most of all, MONEY!


Our specialized services are EIFS and stucco applications. We also provide caulking, water and damp proofing services.


Providing top quality service, timely completions and quality workmanship at a true competitive price.

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Why Us

Panther Construction company specializes in both residential and commercial projects. Our ultimate goal is being focused on timely completion of projects and staying on budget!

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Our Support Team

The company is owned and operated by LaDevia Davis who is the President/CEO. The company is managed by devoted and committed Team Members.

Each Team Member has extensive experience and focus in the business, managing specific field and office responsibilities.

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Ask About Our Maintenance Program

Panther’s additional services include our long-term inspection and maintenance programs for residual and commercial clients with buildings built with EIFS and stucco applications.

Stucco & EIFS Inspection

Panther provides a general inspection of your building looking for moisture intrusion problems. These problems untreated over time, can cause major problems. We can provide you with our maintenance program that will allow us to inspect, identify and correct stucco & EIFS problems.

Caulking Applications

Caulking creates the barrier that prevents the passage of air, water, moisture, dust, etc. Generally representing less than 1 percent of a building's cost, it is extremely important to the water/airtightness of your property. For this reason, the caulking application is important to the weather tightness of your building’s envelope.

Exterior Stucco Cleaning

Like with any other building material, stucco and EIFS needs occasional care to keep its appearance fresh and clean. Panther handles typical problems like mildew and issues with efflorescence. Efflorescence is usually caused by a combination of cool weather and excessive moisture and are problems that should be removed.

Residential Customers

Purchasing a new home? Either your real estate agent or home inspector should advised you to get a stucco inspection performed before signing your contract. Every stucco home should be regularly inspected for indication of moisture intrusion that can cause damage to the structure.

Our Inspection Report

Our final report includes the findings of our visual inspection. For Residential customers, you may be undecided about purchasing a property because of issues identified during inspection. Your report typically takes a day to prepare depending on the amount of defects that were found.


Pricing for stucco and EIFS inspections varies based on the size of your structure and percentage of coverage. Because we do not know the extent of any damage that maybe present, we only charge for our visual documented inspection which is typically conducted and completed within two days.

Our Staff

Our staff has maintained a solid reputation in the industry for building great relationships, providing solid customer support and dependable service.

Happy Customers

Our company's goal is to always bring excellent customer service to each and every client.

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“We are happy and excited about using Panther Construction for our project.”

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“Panther Construction has provided excellent service and value to our project.”

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Let Panther Construction Be Your EIFS & Stucco Application Specialist

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